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Better Me Green Stands For:

– Understanding how our choices as individuals can have a wider positive impact for our surroundings

– Improving environmental and social behaviour, by starting with yours truly

– Empowering individuals to know their actions can and do make a difference

– Encouraging self-reflection and ownership of our actions in order for self improvement

– Feeling comfortable and proud of how we choose to live

– Leading by example for positive change

33 weeks - 33 realistic challenges for positive change



I am Charlotte, this is me at my happiest; in nature, Better Me Green started as a personal challenge to open my eyes to the difference one person can and does make. Don’t let anyone tell you your actions don’t count or matter – they absolutely do! My aim is to empower and motivate you in seeing the countless ways you have of making them more positive.

So whats it all about & how is it different?

Most eco / sustainable living blogs are incredibly inspiring, providing tons of information which is great, BUT, I often find them pretty radical. Terms like zerowaste and plastic-free often feel so unattainable and leave me intimidated and clueless as where to start. Fact is, I don’t live in an off-grid eco teepee with a permaculture garden, and despite my long-term dream of having a small farm, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. 

I feel many people who care about the impact of their actions, are often put-off making changes for fear of being told it is not enough. Perfectionism is preventing progression!

With Better Me Green, I want to promote and encourage the power of making step-by-step changes to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed with options. The challenges I do are set to be manageable and drive me to educate myself about changes for good. 

My hope is to focus on a motivating, positive and supportive approach to improving our eco lifestyle habits, where people can feel proud of their actions however big or small.

Bye-Bye to off-putting eco one-upmanship –  Hello positive progression!

My Journey towards Ownership & Action for a more considerate lifestyle

Enough of hiding behind the masses, feeling defeatist that one person’s actions don’t count, and quite frankly just not having the balls to do what I feel passionate about!

This blog reports on a personal challenge I decided to set myself: 33 weeks of small, manageable lifestyle changes to be more environmentally and socially responsible. There are a few reasons why this blog exists: 

  1. By publicly sharing my intentions there is nowhere to hide – action and change happens!
  2. I’m all about community – I truly believe we are better off together. Through sharing my experience I hope to learn from, and engage with, like-minded people that will help me improve my lifestyle, and if in doing so, I manage to inspire one or two others … well that would make me incredibly happy. 

The story so far

I have always loved nature, but over the years have grown increasingly aware that for the future to be a healthy one, we humans (particularly in developed Western countries) need to change our behaviours to become more sustainable. It is certainly not impossible, only a few generations ago our habits were far more ecologically friendly (have a chat to your grandparents about one-way plastics & travel during their early life!). There have been huge benefits through innovation and advancements made in society, but sadly far too many of us have by-and-large lost our connection to the natural planet and awareness of the balance that is needed for it to be a happy, safe home for generations to come. 

As a Sustainable Development Consultant I am well aware of the need for systemic change which is why I work with businesses to do just that. However, I truly believe, each individual has a role to play and we do already make a difference with our lifestyle choices.  The Better Me Green blog documents my personal journey in which I broke down sustainable-living practices into bite-size, manageable weekly challenges. In less than a year, during 33 challenges, I learned so much and have changed my ways for the long-term, which has lead me to reduce my personal carbon emissions by 35% already in only 1.5 years.

As a next step, I am switching the ‘me’ for ‘we’ and hope to support others in realising change is not only do-able but feels great too! I would be so happy to welcome you to my positive, fun & most importantly manageable short courses, which help us all to continue thinking and living in a more compassionate way for people & planet.

I can’t wait to go green with you!
Your Better Me Greener