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Better Me Green Stands For:

– Understanding how our choices as individuals can have a wider positive impact for our surroundings

– Improving environmental and social behaviour, by starting with yours truly

– Empowering individuals to know their actions can and do make a difference

– Encouraging self-reflection and ownership of our actions in order for self improvement

– Feeling comfortable and proud of how we choose to live

– Leading by example for positive change

33 weeks - 33 realistic challenges for positive change So whats it all about & how is it different?

Most eco / sustainable living blogs are incredibly inspiring, providing tons of information which is great, BUT, I often find them pretty radical. Terms like zerowaste and plastic-free often feel so unattainable and leave me intimidated and clueless as where to start. Fact is, I don’t live in an off-grid eco teepee with a permaculture garden, and despite my long-term dream of having a small farm, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. 

I feel many people who care about the impact of their actions, are often put-off making changes for fear of being told it is not enough.
Perfectionism is preventing progression!

With Better Me Green, I want to promote and encourage the power of making step-by-step changes to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed with options. The challenges I do are set to be manageable and drive me to educate myself about changes for good. 

My hope is to focus on a motivating, positive and supportive approach to improving our eco lifestyle habits, where people can feel proud of their actions however big or small.

Bye-Bye to off-putting eco one-upmanship –  Hello positive progression!

My Journey towards Ownership & Action for a more considerate lifestyle

Enough of hiding behind the masses, feeling defeatist that one person’s actions don’t count, and quite frankly just not having the balls to do what I feel passionate about!

This blog reports on a personal challenge I have decided to set myself: 33 weeks of small, manageable lifestyle changes to be more environmentally and socially responsible. There are a few reasons why this blog exists: 

  1. By publicly sharing my intentions there is nowhere to hide – action and change happens!
  2. I’m all about community – I truly believe we are better off together. Through sharing my experience I hope to learn from, and engage with, like-minded people that will help me improve my lifestyle, and if in doing so, I manage to inspire one or two others … well that would make me incredibly happy. 

The story so far

I am very fortunate to have had a great education and the opportunity to travel the world. I also have incredible friends and family who constantly give me ideas, broaden my mind and encourage me to sieze life with both hands. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, for sure. 

Collectively, these things continue to give me perspective and encourage me to ask why certain aspects of life are as they are. I am able to see that so many things I do are simply going with the flow and following social narratives, but are not true to my values or the person I would like to be.

Better Me Green is a way to tackle the things I am not so comfortable with head on in order for positive change and to join an ever growing group of people, all over the globe, that are choosing to be more considerate of wider society and the environment.