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  1. Eumelinho
    February 17, 2020 @ 6:17 am

    Always like to read your articles as the one about clothing. But are you seriously advertising H&M as a sustainable clothes selling company? Cheap clothes being produced in Asia and Africa that you can wear about 5 times before they are out of shape or the color faded? Even if these companies get some rewards for parts of their business they are still one of the biggest problems in our very non-sustainable world. Maybe you want to reconsider that recommendation.


    • BetterMeGreen
      February 22, 2020 @ 2:02 pm

      Hi Eumelinho,
      Thank you for your honest opinion – I am sure it reflects that of many reading this post. Let me explain my thinking on mentioning H&M …
      With my post – I hope to portray one main message – buying less is always best! However I know that millions of us out there are shoppers in high-street stores. My feeling is that if people are choosing to spend money in this category of the clothing market, then let it be with a company that has already made serious steps towards improving the sustainability of their production.
      Whilst H&M is most certainly a huge culprit for fast-fashion, which is an undisputable issue, I was impressed to see their commitment to the Better Cotton Initiative ( – and the fact that they will source 100% of the cotton used from these improved sources as of 2020 (this year, rather than giving some lofty deadline in 5 years from now). According to the BCI rankings in 2018 – H&M were number one in terms of quantity of sustainable cotton sourced (
      Thank you again & I hope you will stick with me 🙂 I am learning all the time and really appreciate when readers offer their opinions, improved suggestions and alternatives.

      I will leave this reply with a question: What do other readers think? Have I been green-washed, or is it worth supporting big multinationals in their quest to become more sustainable?


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